New Year, New Menu

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OK, not to go and spoil any surprises, but we’ve had a little play around with our Teatime Tipple deal and decided to extend it by a whole hour until 8pm! So, keep those cocktails flowing past 7pm. I know, brilliant. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll be offering it on Sundays now too. Bank holiday weekends just got a whole lot more interesting.


This will launch on 18th January 2017 along with an exciting new menu….

I know all the restaurants say it, but it genuinely is exciting, especially when you get a load of this:

Brunch - Rather Elegant Brunch

My personal favourite is the Avocado Brunch (always has been) and it’s had a little make over to make it even more dreamy.

Avocado Brunch with Smoked Streaky Bacon

Our Burger menu has also had another big boy join them in the form of The Colonel, so if you’re a chicken fan then this one is for you, so delicious and you can kiss goodbye to those New Year’s Resolutions (who ever really sticks to them anyway?)

The Colonel Chicken Burger

It’s always so much fun launching a new menu. We love getting staff reactions to the new dishes and of course our lovely customers ;-). It means that we can make the menu better and better with every piece of feedback, so it’s always welcome at Cosy Club.

Once we launch (just a reminder it’s 18th January), feel free to leave us some feedback. We love to hear from you.

Bon appetite!