My first Cocktail Bust Off

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I woke up pretty excited yesterday about to head to Cosy Club Birmingham for my very first Cocktail Bust Off… yes, you read that correctly.

What’s a Cocktail Bust Off?

For those that don’t know, Cosy Clubs hold a regular cocktail competition where staff members (usually bartenders) create and design their own cocktail, submit it to head office and get selected to compete in the final – The Cocktail Bust Off. It’s on that day that they present and make their cocktail to the judges. Ketel One Vodka was chosen as the base ingredient this time – from Holland. The prize is for staff to have their cocktail featured on the next menu and a trip to Holland to visit the Ketel One Distillery.

The format

The best part is that I got to spend the day with 12 awesome members of staff and taste all of their cocktails – it’s a tough job and someone has to do it as they say…

The day starts off with an introduction to how important cocktails are to the Cosy Clubs – they’re part of our identity and so it’s even more exciting that staff members get their creation on the menu for our customers to sample. How cool is that?

There’s plenty of time for them to spend their day perfecting their recipes, working out costs based on their chosen ingredients and meeting fellow Cosy Clubbers from all over the country.

Then, by 3pm, it’s time to present to the judges and make their (hopefully) winning combination.

Please excuse the quality of the photos, you really are getting a behind the scenes look at what it takes for us to develop our drinks menu! All taken on an iPhone for your viewing pleasure by moi.

By 5pm, I was lucky enough to give my all-important opinion on the winning cocktails, deliberate with the judges whilst the competitors left the room and then of course stick around when the winners are announced and congratulated.

So I am extremely delighted to give you a first look at the winning cocktails that will ALL feature on our next drinks menu launch in March 2017.

The Winners

Emma – Cosy Club Leicester – our winning drink –  Palma Violet Delight

Will – Cosy Club Coventry – our second place drink – Dutch Sunrise

Curtis – Cosy Club Stamford – our third place drink and surprise position (as we usually only do 1st and 2nd, but the standard was so high this year!) – Unnamed Chocolate Cocktail

It was extremely hard to choose, the recipes were all fantastic for different reasons, but for our Spring menu, the top 3 will be ideal.

I can’t wait to try them again and hope you’re just as excited as me to see them on the menu next month.

Happy supping!