Cosy Club Leicester Hike Mount Snowdon

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After Team Cosy Leicester’s challenge up the highest mountain of the Peak District in January, we figured it was time to get everyone around another good challenge: the plan was to reach the top of Mount Snowdon in Snowdonia, Wales, the highest point in the UK outside of Scotland, at 1085 and also touch the top of the second one, the Cryb-y-Ddysgl just across the ridge at 1065. The route would takes up the Pyg Track and down via the Miners Path on a round trip of just over 14k.

A team of six, all packed up, left Leicester at 4am on a proper adventure 4×4 as we all squeezed into Annie’s super Jeep Wrangler. By 8am we were all set and ready to go with our hearts filled with excitement as from driving into the car park we could see that more than half the mountain was as white as white can be! It took us only about half an hour of walking up the Pyg track, ascending 200m from the car park to 500m to reach the snow pack. Sure enough, soon after we were walking in ankle deep snow which then became knee deep; every minute presented another photo opportunity as excitement just kept on building mixed with a little preoccupation with the snow at the top – warning signs said that there was “avalanche risk” and “crampons and ice axes essential.”

It became clear as we reached the 910m mark watching three fully-equipped mountaineers, two of them with dogs, who went ahead of us, trying to dig out a route to break through to the top of the ridge come back, that we wouldn’t make it this time around. An over-hanging edge of snow of about 3 metres high across the ridge, at 1000m high, looking very flimsy and ready to collapse; we did a last push to 950m and then made the call to turn back – safety first and going back down is always harder and riskier than going up.

We didn’t make it this time, but the journey wasn’t any less epic for all of us. In the end we walked for 10k, ascending a total of 850m over 5h45m with smiles and a feeling of accomplishment all-around, and of course with a “We’ll be back soon dear Mount Snowdon” promise in our minds; a good, relaxing and well-deserved meal in the lovely Betwys-y-Coed mountain town set us up nicely for the drive back – I even got to drive the fab Wrangler! Ha 🙂

The saying “a photo is worth more than a thousand words” truly applies here and they tell you the whole story.

Annie, Mayur, Aman, Andreea (FOH) and chef Adrian were the troopers who joined me in another crazy adventure and I can’t thank them enough for trusting me to get them as far as possible, well out of their comfort zone for some, and bringing them back around safe and sound; I couldn’t have done it without you – Team Work Makes The Dream Work! We even took some Cosy Club socks from Cheltenham with us for the journey!

“One Team. One Summit. Sock On!”

Andre Delgado – Assistant Manager, Cosy Club Leicester