I love my job

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Did you know that there are a huge amount of opportunities for staff progression at Cosy Clubs and Loungers?

Don’t believe us? Meet Dave at Cosy Club Bournemouth!

“I was looking for GM jobs in Bristol after returning from a long stint in Melbourne and was recommended Cosy Club by almost every recruitment agent in the South West. While they didn’t have any GM jobs going I had been in to Cosy Club Bristol for a drink and definitely wanted to be a part of it.

I was offered a Senior Assistant Manager role with the promise of some quick movement up the Cosy Ladder, so I accepted with equal parts excitement and pessimism. Joining at the beginning of December was interesting, training was at a minimum and I was basically a very overpaid Bar Back.
Once the madness died down though, training went in to overdrive. Promoted to Deputy Manager within 6 months (as current GM was promoted to Ops, DM to GM, you get the jist), then asked to look after Cosy Club Taunton while they searched for a new GM. While in beautiful Taunton I put the feelers out for a potential move to the new opening in Bournemouth, the next week our Senior Operations Manager popped in to see me and offered me the job with a lengthy 24 hours to decide!
So after only 11 months in the company I was moving the Mrs down to the south coast and had my very own, sparkling new Cosy Club and a little flat by the beach (and now with a little baby to boot!). If you’ve got the talent and the drive then Cosy Clubs have probably got the job for you. My advice to everyone is to not wait for it to happen, make sure our recruitment team know what you want and most likely they will make it work for you.
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