I love my job – Neil Douglas

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Did you know that there are a huge amount of opportunities for staff progression at Cosy Clubs and Loungers?

Don’t believe us? Meet Neil at Cosy Club York!

“Before I joined our lovely family I had worked a variety of jobs from server admin for web servers, two different card processing departments in HSBC but eventually fell in love with the bar and restaurant business and worked my way up from part time to be a successful GM.
Looking for a new challenge I was recommended The Cosy Club by another colleague who had visited the Bath site. I applied for a role in the Leicester opening, did my trial in Stamford, had a lovely chat with Paul and then Steve and was quickly aboard filled with excitement.

On 9th September 2014 my training began an almost month long trip to the south west. Bath with its beautiful balcony, Cardiff with it’s bustling trade and amazing views of the shoppers,  Exeter with it’s stories of haunting, Salisbury with its late night rush on cocktails, Bristol for a meeting and then I was up to Leicester, soon to be the eighth’s Cosy and home town of our lovely owners.
I opened as Senior Assistant manager and took on the bar and I’m glad I did! It was quite a bit busier than anyone had expected and it took quite a lot of work keeping it running well and delivering Cosy service to the customers, of which there were many.
In the following summer I took a promotion to Deputy and began to resharpen my restaurant management skills and took to making sure we nailed service next Christmas.
Along the way I continued to hire and train our staff along side a few of the new opening staff, this helped me as much as it helped them as I got to really sharpen my procedures and processes and began to get back into the hot seat of running a busy Cosy Club where briefly it was just myself and Emma managing the site. This was quickly fixed and we had a full management team in good time for Christmas and we delivered another corker.
After Christmas 2016 I began speaking to Steve Mantle about opportunities for me in the North, hoping for an opening this year in somewhere like York or Leeds. As luck would have it they were both on the cards eventually and so I set my sights on that and cracked on with running a Cosy Club.
Dan, the current Leicester GM at the time took on the Ipswich opening and in the summer of 2016 I was given the GM role of Leicester. I spent the rest of the year running up to Christmas making sure everything was in place.
I think I can honestly say that was the best team I’ve every worked with, and a big thank you to all of you who made it all go so smoothly.
Before I knew it things were in place for me to be opening GM of Cosy Club York and after a little time handing Leicester to the new GM I was living up in the North, looking at the beautiful old cinema building in York imagining how it will all look when it’s finished and full of customers.
Having now met the full team in training I can say that we are looking at a pretty strong opening team. I have a couple of Chefs that have been getting months and months of training at all the sites, Ben from a high class restaurant with exceptional knowledge of food and wine, Kurt from running a super busy bar at Cosy Birmingham, Yani with years of restaurant experience at Cosy Coventry and Stamford and Josh who’s managed a Lounge before. So whatever the opening will throw at us I know I’ve already got a great team and together we will make it electric!

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