Allergen Information

Click HERE for our Allergen Matrix for all food menus including drinks.

If you have an allergy, please let us know and our manager will take your order personally.

This is our Allergen Matrix which shows which of the 14 legally declarable allergens are contained in every dish on our menu.

We have strict procedures in place for taking and preparing allergen orders, but allergenic ingredients are present on our premises and in those of our suppliers, and for this reason we cannot 100% guarantee that any dish is allergen free or that we can modify any dish to make it allergen free.

The term ‘May Contain‘ is used to highlight where an allergen is not in a recipe or intentionally in a dish, but where the manufacturer of an ingredient believes that cross-contamination may still be a risk. We also label may contain for items fried in our sites alongside other ingredients containing allergens.

Please note that whilst we segregate vegan and gluten free items in our fryers, we can never guarantee any item is completely allergen free due to the nature of our busy kitchens.

We recommend that you check the Allergen Matrix yourself every time you order as ingredients and recipes sometimes change.