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Allergen Information

HERE – For the Allergen Matrix for our everyday menus.

HERE – For the Allergen Matrix for our menus at Liverpool, Plymouth.

HERE– For the Allergen Matrix for our menu at Chelmsford, Bristol, Birmingham, Coventry, Ipswich, Leicester, Nottingham, Brindleyplace and Stamford, Bath, Cardiff, Cardiff Bay, Cheltenham, Hereford, Norwich, Worcester.

If you have an allergy please let us know and our manager will take your order personally.

Our Allergen Matrix is available on our website and can be accessed through our QR code – please ask our team. It shows which of the 14 legally declarable allergens are contained in every dish on our menu. Because our recipes sometimes change it is important you let us know about any allergies every time you order. Though we recommend that you check the Matrix yourself our team will always be happy to advise, particularly if your allergy is not covered. We have strict procedures in place for taking and preparing allergen orders but you should be aware that allergenic ingredients are present on our premises and those of our suppliers.

Despite the significant efforts we go to, we cannot eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and therefore cannot guarantee any of our dishes are 100% free of allergens.