Fiona winning her Lounger of the Year award - Deputy Manager

Starting out
I started working at Cosy Club in September 2014, joining the team that opened Cosy Club Leicester, as a Junior Assistant Manager.  With a few weeks training at Cosy Club Stamford, we were ready to hit the ground running on opening day !  Without a General Manager going into what can only be described as the mayhem of December, I was promoted to Deputy Manager.

After holding Cosy Club Leicester for a few months, while my GM went over to Cosy Birmingham to help them out, I then moved over to Coventry to open the 11th Cosy Club as General Manager, where I’m still loving my Cosy life.  I’ve also spent time with the opening of Cosy Club Derby, which opened in April 2016.

Why I love it so much
I love working for Cosy, as I feel a part of the family, almost a part of the furniture. In a relatively short space of time, I’ve been promoted to a general manager and have felt supported at every step.  With some very hard work, while surrounded by like minded awesome people, I’ve been extremely lucky to have had the opportunities presented to me and have the coaching from my seniors to grow with the company as they grow. I’m given autonomy to run my restaurant, all the while encouraged to be myself, allowing myself and my team to make our mark on the restaurant we love.

I would recommend Cosy Club to anyone that lives and breathes this industry, but wants something different from the norm.  The restaurants are stunning, great places to work, you are listened to, given as much training as you want, pushed to succeed and the rewards for your hard work are second to none.

At our annual company staff party in 2016, known as Loungefest, I was awarded Lounger of the Year for my efforts and couldn’t be prouder. Plus it was a bit of an epic party and explains the fancy dress in my photos! You can watch a video of what we got up to here.